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Love at first sight is

like a raft ride through the wild

rapids of the heart.

~Haiku by Pepper Blair

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Beautiful Moment

This is a most beautiful moment.

Our hands are as one in embrace.

Our steps are together as though

We, with the same purpose and pace,

Were two happy dancers instead

Of lovers alone on a lane

Agreeing with those who have said:

A grace is a walk in the rain.

© 2011 by Pepper Blair

All rights reserved.


Soulfully Impressed

Never have I had a rainbow

Steal my breath away like this.

As it leaves, my thoughts will follow.

It would take an angel’s kiss…


For my heart to feel more blest.

I am soulfully impressed.


When it comes to awesome things,

Heaven knows how to inspire.

It would take an angel’s wings

For my spirit to rise higher.

© 2014 by Pepper Blair

All rights reserved.


Lovely with Moonlight

The night is more lovely with moonlight

And lovelier still when a star

Shines almost breathtakingly bright,

Regardless how heavenly far

It burns from the tears in my eyes

And from the awe deep in my heart.

Tonight is a sweet paradise

Of which I am blest to be part.

© 2014 by Pepper Blair

All rights reserved.


Sympathetic Grace

When I touch your hand or search your eyes,

I am saddened in my soul by this:

There has been for us a last embrace;

There has been for us a final kiss.

Nothing less than sympathetic grace

Could eternalize a night of bliss.

Many are the things that time denies.

I am saddened in my soul by this.

© 2011 by Pepper Blair

All rights reserved.

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In any language,

faith, hope, and charity

are three of the



~Pepper Blair

The world was made

for open eyes,

for open hearts and 

open minds.

~Pepper Blair

Pity the poet whose 

subject is 'too beautiful

for words'.

~Pepper Blair

Music makers of the

world have found a 

friend in me.

~Pepper Blair